Landcare Awards

2021 NSW Landcare Awards Finalists 

The Landcare Awards support the sharing of knowledge and achievements while promoting leadership and resilience in communities. Nominations for the 2021 NSW Landcare Award closed 31 October 2021, with winners for each Landcare Award to be announced via and online awards ceremony on Thursday 17th March 2022 after the 2022 NSW Landcare and Local Land Services Conference. 

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After an extensive judging process, here are the finalists for the eight award categories:

Australian Government Individual Landcarer Award
The Australian Government Individual Landcarer Award acknowledges the significant contribution made by an individual who has demonstrated outstanding leadership and commitment to landcare. There are many people who, through their actions, have had a positive impact on improving land management practices through practical on-ground activities, and/or by creating awareness of landcare in their local community.

Rural landscape

Murrumbidgee Landcare Inc

Marg has actively restored & regenerated 200 hectares of land by protecting remnant vegetation, managing invasive species, planting local vegetation and completing a connected corridor project.

Woman smiling at camera with heritage building behind

Milkwood Farm

Thousands of volunteer hours, thousands of tree’s, farmers engaged, an amazing sustainable legacy, Landcare hero Julie Holstegge transformed ‘kikuyu drains & paddocks ‘ to biodiversity hotspots.

Woman standing in front of greenery

Lake Macquarie Landcare

Winsome uses her passion for the natural environment to inspire others, achieving fantastic outcomes for the native fauna and flora she so dutifully cares for.

Australian Government Partnerships for Landcare Award
The Australian Government Partnerships for Landcare Award acknowledges a partnership of individuals, groups, networks, or organisations that has demonstrated leadership and achievement in landcare-related activities as a result of the partnership.

Person crouched over in the middle of bushfire damaged field

Australian Associaton of Bush Regenerators

First Aid for Burned Bushland, a 42-entity collaboration, supported land-carers to understand the embedded resilience of theirlandscapes to aid recovery from the 2019-20 bushfires.

Group of people standing in front of caravan

Sydney Metropolitan Wildlife Services Inc.

During the 2019-2020 bushfires Sydney Wildlife partnered with multiple organisations to establish triage centres, distribute supplies, and ensure wildlife is included in future emergency responses.

Person standing in the middle of body of water

The Protecting Little Llangothlin (RAMSAR) for Future Generations Project

This project models diverse, inclusive and productive partnerships that are increasingly vital for landscape-scale environmental restoration. It is an outstanding example of Landcare-led collaboration.

Australian Government Landcare Farming Award
The Australian Government Landcare Farming Award acknowledges an individual, group, network or organisation that has demonstrated excellence and leadership in implementing sustainable and integrated land management practices on a farm property, or properties, that protect soils, water, vegetation and biodiversity. The award also recognises practices that deliver improved natural resource management and farm productivity outcomes.

Wilmot Cattle Company

Better together – an inspired management team who are committed to advancing sustainable agriculture through on-farm stewardship and sharing best practice with their peers.

Man standing in field holding sunflowers


Martin Royds’ work at Jillamatong demonstrates working, regenerative, future-sustaining farming, modelled on the teachings of theunique Australian landscape, indigenous Elders and leading change thinkers.

Flock of sheep in a field


They’re aware of the impacts agricultural production has on the environment. They adopt practices to reduce this impact, producing food and fibre ethically and profitably.

Coastcare Award
The Coastcare Award acknowledges a community group or network that has contributed to the significant improvement of a coastal or marine environment. This may include estuaries, coastal and marine wetlands, river systems and salt marsh ecosystems. The Coastcare activities may include sand dune restoration, protection of threatened species, removing invasive species that are impacting on native flora, plastics and waste removal, education and volunteer engagement, and mitigating urban impact on marine environments like storm water pollution or the control of access to sensitive and vulnerable areas.

Group of people standing in field

Budgewoi Beach Dunecare Inc.

Through their dedication, Budgewoi Beach Dune Care has successfully rehabilitated the Budgewoi Beach dunes and continues to make improvements to allow the area to thrive.

Group of people with bags of rubbish

Clean4Shore NSW Inc.

Clean4shore program, duplicating success on the Central Coast, has addressed the issue of many years of litter in the HunterWetlands.

Man cutting branches

Lennox Head Landcare

Lennox Head Landcare is an outstanding local leader, sharing their love for the Lennox coast through natural area restoration, community engagement and joyful volunteer commitment.

Australian Community Media Landcare Community Group Award
The ACM Community Group Award acknowledges an outstanding community group that is improving sustainable land use and/or is undertaking on-ground action to protect, enhance or restore the natural values of an area on behalf of the wider community.

Group standing amongst trees

Mulgoa Valley Landcare

MVLG’s unrelenting efforts over 26 years have transformed the health of Mulgoa Creek, engaged community through hundreds of events, and secured critical new conservation reserves.

People sitting on camping chairs in open field

Upper Lachlan Landcare Grazing Group

Upper Lachlan Landcare Grazing Group are supporting and empowering their members to implement dependable grazing practicesthat will profitably restore their landscape health.

Group of people standing on stage

Upper Mooki Landcare Inc.

UMLC seeks to be a proactive and innovative organisation, challenging boundaries and mainstream thinking by providing educational and networking opportunities for our communities.

Woolworths Junior Landcare Team Award
The Woolworths Junior Landcare Team Award acknowledges a school, youth organisation or young community landcare team that contributes to raising awareness, sharing knowledge and promoting participation of landcare amongst young people. The award recognises Junior Landcare teams who implement landcare practices within the local community or school.

Group of students

Bexhill Public School

Bexhill Public School transformed an overgrown corner of their grounds into lowland subtropical rainforest, bringing the community together and inspiring the next generation of Landcarers.

Group of students standing in front of shop

Ivanhoe Central School

The Ivanhoe community was brought together. Students now have a greater understanding of their environment, together with a sense of achievement, worth and belonging.

Students taking photo with Landcare sign

Grose View Public School

The THINK SHARE ACT students are empowered to make change, lead and model best practice environmental steward behaviours both within their school and wider communities.

KPMG Indigenous Land Management Award
The KPMG Indigenous Land Management Award acknowledges an outstanding Indigenous community group or individual that is working towards improving land use and/or enhancing or protecting an area on behalf of the community.

Two people conducting smoking ceremony

Hunter Aboriginal Riverkeeper Team (H.A.R.T)

Connecting indigenous and non indigenous communities back to country through the process of conservation land management.

Man standing in body of water with hands cupped

Nari Nari Tribal Council

Nari Nari tribal council are ensuring the ongoing protection of ecologically vital wetlands and significant Aboriginal heritage sites at Gayini (Nimmie Caira).


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The Gerald Carnie Memorial Award
The Gerald Carnie Memorial Award for Keeping the Landcare Flame Alive was established by Landcare NSW to recognise this very special individual’s contributions to the Landcare movement.

The recipient champions the development of Landcare as a means to support and engender change in attitudes, which translates to a more cohesive and resilient community that acts to achieve a healthier environment and/or more productive and sustainable farms. Applicants are judged on the impact they have had at the local and regional or state scale to ensure that Landcare can prosper


Brian Hilton | Redhead Bluff Landcare (part of Lake Macquarie Landcare Volunteer Network)

Brian Hilton has been a dedicated Landcare volunteer for over 40 years and has inspired countless people during this time through his work in restoring the coastal dunes and headland environments in his hometown of Redhead, NSW. Brian established Redhead Bluff Landcare where he has coordinated several major projects such as the very successful Redhead Coastal Corridor project, focusing on establishing connective vegetation and restoring migratory routes for native fauna. Brian’s restoration work is also combatting the spread of invasive weeds such as Bitou Bush, Turkey Rhubarb, Lantana and Coastal Morning Glory, and treating the underlying causes of coastal erosion. Brian remains one of Lake Macquarie’s most active Landcare volunteers to this day.

Deb Tkachenko | Clunes Landcare (part of North Coast Regional Landcare Network)

Deb Tkachenko was one of the first professional Landcare Coordinators in NSW employed through the pilot Dunecare in the late 80s and has worked with Landcare at a local, regional and state level in NSW for the past 30 years. Deb has been volunteering with the North Coast Regional Landcare Network for a number of years and has been a consistent force in assisting North Coast Regional Landcare take on a more consolidated role.  She is currently on the network executive and a member of the steering committee for the North Coast Regional Landcare Coordinator. Deb inspires everyone around her with her ability to build relationships and positive collaborations including work colleagues, volunteers and fellow committee members.

Louise Turner | Western Landcare NSW

Louise Turner is passionate about the Western Region of NSW, where she has lived and worked for the past 24 years.  She has been involved in Landcare not only at a local level, but also at the regional, state and National level. She is actively involved in her local community where she encourages and inspires people around her with her work in protecting native animals and rehabilitating their habitat to controlling and/or eradicating pest animals and plants. Her passion shows through the work on her own property with restoration of habitat, soil rehydration work and the three seed nurseries she has built with her husband Zane.

Steadfast Young Landcare Leadership Award
The Steadfast Young Landcare Leadership Award acknowledges an individual or a youth group* between the ages of 15 – 35 years who promote excellence in landcare through on-ground projects and/or awareness raising activities.

Group of people smiling at camera

Macquarie University / Greater Sydney Landcare Network

Elisha is a truly inspirational leader of young people involved with Landcare in Greater Sydney. She has significantly increased the number engaged in this region.

Group of young farmers standing in open field

Young Farmers Connect

‘TogetherWeGrow’. ‘We are the generation regeneration’ and our network champions the work, vision and voices of young farmers.

Group of people smiling at camera

Fern Creek Gully Landcare Group

Gabrielle has the ability to inspire and enthuse volunteers, and an impressive professional capability in managing Landcare activities, in particular in-experienced but willing volunteers.