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Our sponsors

Our valued sponsors demonstrate their commitment to excellence in community led conservation, sustainable agriculture and natural resource management, and we appreciate their support. 

Sustainable Farms is an initiative of The Australian National University. The project’s long-term ecology research on farms, supplemented by investigations into economics and mental health, shows that protecting and restoring natural assets on farms has multiple benefits. The project is locally embedded in the NSW South West Slopes, Central West, Murray-Riverina and North East Victoria. Sustainable Farms works closely with farmers, NRM agencies and Landcare groups towards a common goal: healthy farms, healthy farmers and healthy profits.

Arborgreen support Australia’s tree-planting and landscaping professionals. They are an Australian, family-owned and run business, who sell products and materials for tree establishment and care. If the right product doesn’t exist, they will invent it! They are passionate about your success and will help you to achieve your botanical goals quickly and cost-effectively.

The BCT’s purpose is partnering with landholders to enhance and conserve biodiversity across NSW. Their strategic goals include increasing private land conservation in areas of strategic biodiversity value; delivering efficient, effective and strategic biodiversity offset outcomes; supporting participating landholders to conserve biodiversity; and promoting public knowledge, appreciation and understanding of biodiversity and the importance of conservation.

Climate Friendly’s vision is for a productive, sustainable land sector that contributes to a zero net emission Australia by 2050. They achieved 20 million tonnes of greenhouse gas reductions at the end of 2020, and their purpose is to  scale up to 100 million tonnes by 2025. They do this by supporting rural, regional and remote Australians including farmers, foresters and traditional custodians to reduce Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions and regenerate the landscape through carbon farming.

Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) is a not-for-profit, producer-owned company acting as the marketing, research and development body for Australia’s red meat and livestock industry. MLA’s purpose is to foster the long-term prosperity of the Australian red meat and livestock industry, by investing producer levies into research and marketing activities that contribute to profitability, sustainability and global competitiveness. MLA membership is free to levy-paying producers of grass or grainfed cattle, sheep and goats.

Rous County Council partners with their constituent councils to provide quality services that support a sustainable and productive region. They thrive and evolve as a valued regional service provider, with a set of values that encompass safety, teamwork, accountability and respect.